What’s New

  • Valu-Mats


    Saves Money, Protects Floors, Saves Cleaning Time, Long Lasting, Fragrance Free.

  • Clear Choice Urinal Deodorizer

    Clear Choice Urinal Deodorizer

    10% Larger than leading competitors, Freshens Air Longer, VOC Compliant, Saves Time and Money, Eliminates Odors.

  • Clear Choice Air Fresheners & Dispenser

    Clear Choice Air Fresheners & Dispenser

    Freshens the Air Longer, VOC Compliant, Easy-to-Use.

  • Vented Funnel

    Vented Funnel

    Reduces Spillage, Secure Fit, 8 oz. Volume.

  • Pail & Drum Opener

    Pail & Drum Opener

    Popular Fit, Easy Open, Durable.