Model TDP™ Drum & Pail Pump

Tolco Corporation is the exclusive supplier of the TDP Drum & Pail Pump for the USA.

The Revolutionary design allows the user to assemble the pump without any tools, clamps,  or cutting.  The 2-piece, telescopic dip tube uses threaded ends instead of clamps for assembly.  The telescopic dip tube can be adjusted from 12” to 35” without any cutting.  This is great if your packaging changes from 5 Gallon pail to 55 Gallons or anywhere in between.

The TDP Drum & Pail Pump comes with a convenient restrictor that allows you to portion the same amount every time.  The restrictor clip allows for a 2oz or 4oz portion, while a full stroke allows for 8oz.  When not in use, the restrictor clip can be conveniently stored on the discharge spout.

Item #160150 - Model TDP™ Plastic Pump - 8 oz.

Item #160152 - Model TDP™ Plastic Pump - 16 oz.

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