Top PerFOAMer™ Dispenser is Easy to Install and Maintain

Check out these new videos showing how easy it is to install the Top PerFOAMer™ Soap Dispenser, and how quick and easy it is to change from Lotion to Foam Soap dispensing.


Top PerFOAMer™ Installation / Assembly


Top PerFOAMer™ Pump Replacement

  • Guaranteed Not To Leak
    Foam soap can easily leak from traditional dispensers if there is any issue with the valve. The patent pending top dispensing design of the Top PerFOAMer™ provides no risk of leaking valves.
  • Foam or Lotion Soap
    The dispenser can be easily converted from a foam dispenser to a lotion dispenser by simply swapping the pump
  • Saves Money
    Bulk soap is up to 55% more cost effective than prepackaged soaps. Foam soap provides 3x more hand washings than a comparable amount of prepackaged liquid soaps. Easy view of the soap level allows for refills on an as-needed basis to ensure there is always soap in the dispenser.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    No cartridges or bags to dispose of
  • ADA Compliant
    Push bar complies with the standards of the ADA

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